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Top-Notch Care for the Whole Family

The Cookeville dentist that cares about you and your dental needs

Do you feel like a number at the dentist? Is your dental care lacking a personal touch? Let us be the first to welcome you to a Cookeville dentist that cares. At Rhodes & Slager Family Dental Care we will take the time to explain everything, and give you up front pricing so you can plan ahead without surprises. Come see for yourself how our compassionate team will make you feel less like a patient, and more like family.

Our Services

All your dental needs serviced under one roof. We are experts in pediatric dentistry, extractions, cosmetic dentistry and many more.
We love to see your child smile, and we have all the tricks to make their appointment as smooth as possible. You child will love Rhodes and Slager Dental

Pediatric Dentistry

Keeping Baby Teeth Healthy

We love your kids almost as much as you do. We recommend the first visit at 2 years old where we can promote a positive experience and avoid a lifetime of dental phobia.

do you want to straighten your teeth but don't want people to know about it? Clear braces are the answer. Call us today

Invisible Braces

A Straighter Smile, At Any Age

Whether you had braces as a child and forgot to wear your retainer, or never had them in the first place, we offer an invisible option for you. Simple cases can be completed in as little as 12 weeks.

There is no reason to hide from the dentist anymore. Let the Cookeville Dentist show you the beauty of your individual smile.

Pain Free Dentistry

There's Nothing To Fear Anymore

We work hard every day perfecting the art of dentistry. Getting dental work is hardly the highlight of your day, but we strive to make every patient as comfortable as possible each and every time.

Meet our Experienced Team of Dentists

The Cookeville dentists that treat your family, like our family
Dr. Slager moved to cookeville in 2015 with his family and have found a home with the town and the people.

Dr. Justin Slager, DDS

Cookeville Dentist Since '15

A native of Michigan, Dr. Slager practiced dentistry in the United States Air Force before moving to Cookeville with his wife and 2 daughters in 2015. Making little kids smile  is one of his passions, and most patients say they didn't feel anything when he numbs a tooth! He will get to know the wants and needs of every patient to ensure they feel taken care of and their dental needs have been met.

Dr. Rhodes originally coined the term Cookeville Dentist many years ago. We are the dental office that the people of Cookeville and the surrounding areas have come to trust for their dental needs.

Dr. John Rhodes DMD

Cookeville Dentist Since '91

Dr. Rhodes moved to Cookeville in 1990 to establish Rhodes Dentistry and began serving the dental needs of middle Tennessee. His friendly smile and charismatic personality have established a fantastic reputation with his patients and the community. A man of many talents, he has created a dental office that is comfortable and inviting with a team of dental professionals that will take care of your every need.

Affordable | Quality | Compassionate

The best dental care, done right the first time

A neglected or broken tooth can be expensive to fix. Maintaining oral health is an investment that can prevent pain and further expense down the road. We vow to keep our fees fair and reasonable while maintaining the standards of excellent dentistry our patients have come to expect.


Rhodes and Slager Family Dental Care is proud to accept all insurances and will file claims on your behalf. We are preferred providers for Delta, Cigna, and BCBS. We work with you to determine your exact coverage and help you maximize your benefits every year.

Wellness Plan

Don’t have insurance? We offer an in-house wellness plan for people just like you! This plan helps to minimize the expense of unforeseen dental treatment like fillings and crowns. If you feel this could suit your needs, we would love evaluate if this is a good option for you.

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Helping you be more informed on your dental health.

Guide to Helping With Your Child’s Oral Health

As a parent, we understand that your child’s oral heath is the extremely important. However, helping them brush, floss and develop a beautiful, healthy smile is difficult even if you know everything you’re supposed to do. Rhodes and Slager Family Dental Care is committed to educating parents and children alike, and as such, we’re here […]

What Our Patients Say About Us

Due to periodontal disease, I had to have a tooth extracted. The thought of needles being stuck in the extraction area made me quite nervous & anxious. But with Dr Slager's constant reassurance that the procedure will go smoothly, I managed to calm my fears & I didn't feel anything. Great job, Dr Slager.

Cecilia T.

Great Experience! New crown in 2 hours! Dr. Slager was fantastic!

Barbara B.


I'm one of those people who hasn't cared for my teeth as I should, and I've got the problems that come with that. I'm also cursed with a fairly low pain tolerance. Once I finally made an appointment, any inconvenience became a reason to cancel or delay treatment If this describes you, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

First, I was able to complete my paperwork online prior to the date of my appointment at my convenience. Less than 10 minutes in the waiting room (didn't even have time to choose a magazine!), and a beautiful calming atmosphere.

Secondly, I needed an extraction as a new patient. They completed the work prior to my new patient visit without judgement or delay. Dr. S listened to my concerns, considered the potential sources of the pain, and completed a quick test to verify his diagnosis.

Prior to the surgery I was given the amount I would pay for the procedure, and that is exactly what I paid. In addition, they made sure I was FULLY numb before beginning. The extraction included a stubborn root, and Dr. Justin Slager completed the removal with an alternate solution. No pain, no broken teeth, and complete confidence in what he was doing.

Darla M.

Dr. Slager did an excellent job talking to my 11 year old son. When he learned he needed a tooth pulled, he began to cry. Dr. Slager was excellent calming him down and completing the removal with little to no pain. So very appreciative and thankful for his patience and the help of the remaining staff.

My first visit was possibly the most pleasant dental visit I've ever experienced!!! I have a new dentist, and I'm excited to be able to catch up on way-overdue procedures that I couldn't afford prior to having dental insurance.

Carey V.

A dentist hurt me as a child and I have been terrified of the dentist every since. My teeth, in turn, were in horrible shape and needed much work. I was scared to go back to the dentist and even more embarrassed at the shape my teeth were in at age 35. Dr. Slager and his staff were very welcoming. They are professional and didn't make me feel worse about my teeth. I have had ALOT of work done since I started going to Dr. Slager last year and now I don't even request the nitrous. I only have 3 more fillings to go and all of my dental work will be complete. Thank you Dr. Slager and staff for being gentle and making sure I'm not in pain. I am not scared to come in anymore. It's a huge relief knowing all of my dental work is almost complete.

Felicia S.