We utilize and recommend Fluoride, especially to high cavity risk patients. However, some wish to avoid certain dental materials due to potential side effects. Therefore, we respect your decision to avoid them upon request

Fluoride exposure has drastically reduced the number of cavities we see in the dental community. In most cases, we can tell those that were exposed to Fluoride as children and those that weren’t. Make sure that if you are at high risk for cavities that fluoride is a part of your hygiene.

There are multiple controversial materials utilized in dentistry. Two of the most talked about are Fluoride and Amalgam Fillings (which are made of elemental mercury). We believe the amounts of these elements are low enough in the doses we utilize that they are safe for human use. However, every parent and individual needs to make the decision on what they will use in their bodies.

Water fluoridation has been common place ever since it was first tested in 1945. Ever since then, cavities have decreased in children and most people are able to have teeth present for their entire lives which has not always been the case. With the addition of sugar to EVERYTHING, we are seeing a marked increase in decay. The removal of fluoride combined with the increase of sugars is almost assuredly going to result in a drastic increase in the prevalence of tooth pain and loss in the coming years.

All this being said, we will respect the decision of individuals to avoid fluoride for themselves and their children. There is plenty of research claiming fluoride is safe in the doses we utilize. However, there is contradictory research stating the opposite. As a result, we will work hard every day to care for all of our patients whichever option they elect.

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