When a tooth breaks, has a large filling that is failing, or a number of other issues a tooth may require a crown. A crown surrounds the entire tooth, and protects it from breaking down any further while restoring the esthetics and function of the original tooth. The tooth is still there, it is just protected by the crown.

In the past, a crown was fabricated at a lab after taking a putty impression in the mouth. This means a temporary crown would be made, and the final crown would be delivered about a month later at a separate appointment. This meant an extra day off work, an extra babysitter for the kids, or just one more appointment in your already busy life.

Fortunately we offer CEREC Primescan technology which changes everything.

CEREC technology allows us to take a digital impression, no more goopy impression, where we use a camera to capture the tooth. We design and mill the crown in our office, and you leave with the final crown in place.

Our patients love the convenience of crowns done in a day and you will too!

Contact us today to see if same day crowns are right for you.