Welcome To Rhodes & Slager Family Dental Care

Welcome To Rhodes & Slager Family Dental Care

Welcome To Rhodes & Slager Family Dental Care

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A neglected or broken tooth can be expensive to fix. Maintaining oral health is an investment that can prevent pain and further expense down the road. We vow to keep our fees fair and reasonable while maintaining the standards of excellent dentistry our patients have come to expect.


Rhodes and Slager Family Dental Care is proud to accept most insurances and will file claims on your behalf. We are providers for Delta, Cigna and BCBS. We work with you to determine your exact coverage and help you maximize your benefits every year.

Financing Plans

Repairing broken teeth, or correcting a problem can often be a large investment, and we want to make sure that finances are not a barrier to a healthy smile. We offer several plans that allow you to space out payments so that you are able to decide which plan is most beneficial for you.

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The American Dental Association has long held the opinion that flossing once daily is important to the every day oral hygiene regimen for those wanting good oral health. This requires mechanical cleaning which requires physical contact… sorry, but mouth wash is not enough. Many of you have heard lately that daily flossing is not required due to insufficient evidence. There are studies that tracked the efficacy of flossing and concluded that regular flossing (5x weekly) provided a small decrease in the progression of cavities compared to irregular flossing (less than 3x over 6 months). The problem with these types of

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